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Ann Nunn

Broker Ann Nunn (Broker/Founder)
Born to sell! Ann Nunn grew up in a small town in North Alabama and has enjoyed coastal living for 30 years.  Ann has a natural gift to identify exceptional opportunities in real estate for clients. She is a recipient of national selling awards, and a true leader in all things real estate! Ann and her team have a depth of experience for all of your real estate needs (commercial, condos, beach front properties, rentals, staging, and boating properties). Ann Nunn is the founder of Destin Luxury Real Estate and Rental. Ann has a creative nature and passion for real estate that gives her the ability to see beyond what is in front of your eyes and transform it in a way that captures its greatest beauty and stage for investment purposes or a client’s pleasure. Ann is a truly elegant person, who is  also, “down home” and  honest. She doesn’t mind pointing out a bad deal. Ann is also personable and invests in the goals of her clients making her many long term clients over her 25 years in real estate. After selling for her entire professional lifetime, she developed skills to set the right price, stage impressively, and make the right deals.
Ann wants you to know, “My depth of expertise in the Florida Panhandle area’s real estate is like no other, so if you want to see the best and see it first, work with me!”
We are fortunate to have Ann and her expertise working for you at Destin Luxury Real Estate & Rental.