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JL Franklin

(RSPS, PSA, RESA, CSA, Realtor)
Retirement to Sandestin in 1999 afforded me the opportunity to pursue my life-long interests in Architecture, Design, Remodeling & Real Estate.  Since I was only 45 at the time, I knew I had a lot of years to fill.  “Retirement” quickly became “Redirection”.  As an entrepreneur with a lifetime in sales in the travel industry, I decided to pursue my passion for houses.   I was a private property manager for 17 years.  Expanding into real estate sales seemed a natural progression.  I have owned and personally remodeled almost 20 homes & condos, several of them rentals.  As a nationally certified Kitchen Designer, hands-on remodeler, rental manager, condo association president and full time Sandestin resident, I bring a unique and rounded background to real estate sales.  Now semi-redirected, I concentrate my efforts on my volunteer duties at the Director of Purchasing & Design for the Walton County Habitat for Humanity and real estate.  I focus my efforts in the Sandestin and local area markets.